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CF 29

CFX 29. Fastback
Status: Active 2012. USA.

Updated 9/2/12

"Posted - 14 March 2008: "I have no evidence that would lead me to believe the car was originally shipped to Canada...", which is incorrect in one respect. Andy Shepherd wrote me in response to my request for any information he might have regarding my car.

According to his records, CFX 29 was "finished on 4th June, 1969". It was sold to "John Robidoux of 'Garage Special Services' 4269 St. Catherine st, W. Westmount, Montreal Canada. He also wrote that the car was 'painted light green with black trim'. I have seen evidence of green/blue paint on my (now red) car. However, the interior is of parchment color. There is no sign of it's having been completely re-upholstered.

Many of the interior bits are marked "29" in yellow (chalk?), and on one of the heat/vent diffusers the mark (written on the sheet metal) overlaps onto the leather. Once again, there's reason to question the accuracy of the factory ledger."


"As is stated in the excerpt from Wikipedia (below), side marker lights were required as of 1 January, 1968. As of 1970, the side lights had to be BOTH illuminated and reflective. That jibes with the date for CFX 29's importation into the USA being 1969. (note: the front amber parking lights were curved, and visible from the side - so they were legal in the USA.)

"Here's the relevant passage :


[edit]Side marker lights and reflectors

In North America, amber front and red rear side marker lamps and retroreflectors are required. The law initially required lights and/orretroreflectors on vehicles made after 1 January 1968. This was amended to require lights and retroreflectors on vehicles made after 1 January 1970.[29] These side-facing devices make the vehicle's presence, position and direction of travel clearly visible from oblique angles.[29] The lights are wired so as to illuminate whenever the vehicles' parking and taillamps are on, including when the headlamps are being used.[5] Front amber side markers in North America may be wired so as to flash in synchronous phase or opposite-phase with the turn signals, but are not required to flash at all.[30]"

"CFX 29 has sidelights (sourced from 1969 Toyota), a requirement for registration and sale by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) at the time. The DOT seal on the car identifies CFX29 as a 1970 Ford."

"These are similar/ the same as the side marker lights on my car. I bought a set on Ebay that are identical to mine. Parts - just in case.... The seller states they are from a 1967 Toyota Corona 1900.
The same lights were used for several years on toyotas in the late 1960's - 1970."

USA only sidelights (lens) :

Toyota Corona 1900 Deluxe Vintage / Koito Red Rear Side Marker Lights



Rear sidelights base :



 CFX 29 (With rear sidelight)




"My car is in the shop (again/still), and I do not have a clear picture of the sidelights. I have no idea why the sidelights are of Japanese manufacture.  They MIGHT have been mounted by AC at the factory, or (more likely, seems to me), installed by "Garage Special Services" prior to being sold into the USA.

It makes sense to me that the sidelights were sourced and mounted in Canada, prior to the car having been sold in the USA. The car could not have been sold or imported into the USA without being in compliance with DOT regulations

In a post on the Forum some years ago, it was said that 4 Fruas were shipped to Canada, and that 2 of those cars went on to be sold the USA.

I've always assumed that my car is one of the two USA cars."



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Posted - 18 March 2011 :  02:28:28

"My car came to me as it is now. I do not know anything of it's historywith the exception of it's delivery to N.America from the factory. But there have been quite a few eyeballs on my car, and the consensus is that it has not been hit, and it's not rusted. Won't know for sure without removing the paint.

I think the mileage is original (44,444), and it's been in N. America it's whole life (I believe).


Posted - 18 March 2011 :  17:42:59

"I think I bought the car in 2003. The car ran so hot I couldn't use it until I started addressing the issue. My first attempt involved replacing the radiator, which was only marginally helpful on it's own.

My belief that the indicated mileage was correct was very much influenced by how unuseable the car was on all but the coldest days. CFX29 accumulated a great deal of time parked in my garage. I assumed that previous owners experience was similar, keeping the mileage low over it's lifetime."


Posted - 19 March 2011 :  00:23:21

"No front spoiler as yet, and only a bit of added insulation. The improved running temperature is due (so far) to:

1) Replacing iron intake manifold, Iron heads and brass radiator with their aluminum counterparts.
2) Replacing iron exhaust manifold with ceramic coated stainless steel headers.
3) Replacing the whole exhaust system with ceramic coated stainless.
4) Replacing C6 auto box with 5 speed manual transmission.
5) Repurposing Transmission oil cooler to engine oil cooling. Installing remote oil filter.
6) Installing radiator overflow tank (There wasn't one, resulting in fluid loss and air in the system)

So far, these changes have made a big difference in running temperture. (note: It's not summer yet, still cool out now)
There is still a lot of engine compartment air intrusion into the passenger compartment - because the change in transmission requires a change in the lower dash and and transmission tunnel covers. It's all open now - Soon to be fixed, I hope."


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First YouTube video of an AC 428 Frua.

"A Sunday drive around Lake Hollywood."


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CFX 29. Fastback
Status: Active. USA. 

Posted - 26 February 2008

"It certainly appears that my car has escaped alteration by corrosion, accidents or intentional modification. It differs in some respects to yours, Emmanuel, as we discovered in side-by-side comparison. Your car has improved routing of the fresh air ducts, which I would like to adopt.
CFX29 seems to have been shipped to Canada (?) originally, and then entered the U.S.A. as a 1970 Ford. It benefited from life in a dry climate, and shows virtually no rust. So it is a good example of the state of build at the time it left the factory in August 1969 (I believe that's the date Andy Shepherd found in his archive).
If photos of my car would be of help to others, I'd be glad to share them."

Posted - 14 March 2008

"I posted the info about CFX29. I have no evidence that would lead me to believe the car was originally shipped to Canada - just a suggestion I saw on another thread that Canada was the port of entry for importation of Frua AC's into North America. When I have time, I'll take photos and post them (how, I do not, as yet, know).
My car is now red, but there is evidence it was a sort of light metallic blueish color before it was repainted. I have no idea when it was repainted, though there was (and is still) an AC Owners Club decal on the windshield, covering a small stone chip in the glass.
The car came to me with no documentation. I saw it on a transporter, and bought it before the wheels hit the ground. Subsequent investigation shows no evidence of any damage (except for a front bumper brace that is unattached on one side - a possible repair), and no sign of rust.
I replaced the radiator, hoping that would help the heat problem, and trashed the original in a fit of cleaning out my garage. Too bad - I should have kept it. Ahhh well."

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